AOL & Xfinity Billboard Music Awards

AOL & Xfinity Billboard Music Awards


RYOT Studios wanted to create content that supported the 2017 Billboard Music Awards while also highlighting their partnership with Xfinity. They came to Madison + Vine asking us to create something that would break through the clutter of endless promotional content.


We created a series of short videos called See The Beat, highlighting how music personally inspires people from different backgrounds and careers. We selected choreographer Richy Jackson, visual artist Mambo, and fashion designer Dexter Simmons to tell their stories of how music inspires them and how it becomes a part of their creative process, ultimately finding its way into their work. These videos were shot primarily on a green screen, with custom VFX and additional footage created to represent each influencer’s style and to speak authentically not only to the BBMA’s audience, but the talent’s fans as well.

With this series, Madison + Vine was able to tell three cohesive, yet uniquely personal stories from different points of view and earn a total of 1.6M views on Facebook.

Watch all three spots below:

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