Gatorade Win From Within

Gatorade Win From Within


Gatorade wanted to shift their usual digital marketing focus from superstar athletes to inspiring stories of up and coming high school athletes. They came to Madison + Vine to find real stories about inspiring teen athletes who faced seemingly insurmountable odds on their journey to athletic success for a campaign called “Win From Within.”

Madison + Vine was responsible for everything from pitch-to-post, including the sourcing of real stories, development, production, editorial and distribution strategy.


Our team presented dozens of incredible stories and narrowed it down to four young athletes for four short films. The resulting content garnered 50 million impressions, was nominated for a Webby Award, and was featured on ESPN. Due to its success, Gatorade expanded the campaign to television broadcast, creating a feature around Jaide meeting her baseball hero, Jim Abbot.

Watch the three episode short film series and ESPN specials with Sage Steele below:


“An Inspiration: Jaide Bucher, one-handed Softball Player”
“One-Handed Softball Catcher Jaide BucherShares 5 Keys to Success”
“Meet The Teen Born With One Hand Defying Odds On The Softball Field”
“Jaide Bucher, Defying Doubt – Gatorade: Win from Within”
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