Just for Men Made For Men

Just for Men Made For Men


Goal: Just For Men (JFM) approached Madison + Vine to create a broad range of videos that exemplified the brand’s ethos and connected to the way guys think and live. In coordination with a rebrand of their staple hair product, Just For Men was willing to take a less conservative, ‘social first’ approach with the goal of developing content made for a man’s sense of humor—without fuss, and straight to the point in a humorous way.


Working in close collaboration with client stakeholders, we transformed initial concepts into humorous, approachable content. From sourcing the talent to fit each product line to creative, script development and content production, we delivered three distinct types of videos that resonated with target audiences: How-To’s (quick, attention grabbing nuts-and-bolts instructions), Testimonials (Selfie-style videos of real guys) and Comparisons (funny side-by-side stories comparing the time it takes to use the product to other things guys do).

We were able to bring the Just For Men product line to life in an authentic and natural way. The unique creative approach produced a global campaign with assets ranging from television commercials, short-form videos, long-form videos, retail displays, product stills and gifs. The project generated more than 400 assets that the U.S. and regional teams were able to push out for months on both traditional and digital channels.

Watch the series of content created below:

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