Pepsi Creators League & Panda Express Meet Z

Pepsi Creators League & Panda Express Meet Z


Panda Express and Pepsi Creators League wanted to go beyond promotional and product-based content and reach a broader audience in a more meaningful way; one that raised awareness around what the brand stands for. Part of the Panda Express ethos is the goal to make Chinese American culture more mainstream. To be at forefront of this conversation they asked Madison + Vine to help create films tied to significant cultural calendar moments. The first one being Chinese New Year.


Our team developed a list of big ideas that illustrated the universal qualities of Chinese New Year. The winning idea, called “Meet Z”, showed a literal blending of cultures through a bond between an adopted daughter and her family.

The digital-first short film was so well received that it earned praise in AdWeek and Panda Express chose to repurpose the content for broadcast.

See stills from the spot below and watch the film above:


Panda Express, Pepsi and Bailey Lauerman Celebrate the Chinese New Year Together
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