Samsung Create In 360

Samsung Create In 360


Samsung wanted to highlight their partnership with Casey Neistat and supermodel Karlie Kloss by introducing consumers to the Samsung Gear 360 Camera through a unique “How To” video that has never been done before. Casey, a camera expert in his own right, was truly excited at the possibilities of filming in 360, while Karlie wanted an introduction to the camera for filming videos for her own YouTube channel, Klossy. The goal of this piece was to create content that resonated organically with Karlie, Casey and Samsung’s audiences.


We followed Karlie and Casey around NYC for the day – from backstage at a fashion show to biking down the streets of ManhattanWe were able to organically showcase the camera’s functionalities while giving viewers a look into Casey and Karlie’s newfound bond over the Gear 360.

The content was a hit, earning 2.7 million views.

See stills from the shoot below and watch Casey and Karly take over NYC with the Samsung Gear 360 in the video above:

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