Samsung Karlie Kloss’ Holiday

Samsung Karlie Kloss’ Holiday


Madison + Vine, in partnership with Samsung, was tasked with creating an organic piece of branded content for supermodel, Karlie Kloss. The idea was to increase awareness around Karlie Kloss’ partnership with the brand and, since it was the holidays, create a unique and fun way to incorporate the Samsung VR Sleigh Experience in Manhattan’s Herald Square.


After utilizing our ThinkTank to come up a list of fun social-first ideas for Karlie, the “Key To The City” concept was greenlit for production. We worked with Karlie to plan out her special day. Karlie guided her family through a series of fun adventures throughout the city, from decorating cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery to taking in the NYC skyline from a helicopter. The day ended with the mind-blowing Samsung Sleigh VR Experience.

Madison + Vine was able to turn around this four and a half minute spot in under 48 hours, allowing Karlie to publish this content just days after filming, which drove more traffic to Samsung’s VR Experience in Herold Square and online to look up Samsung Gear VR.

See stills from the film below and watch it above:


Supermodel Karlie Kloss gives you a 360-degree look into her life
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