Taco Bell Taco Tales Season 1 & 2

Taco Bell Taco Tales Season 1 & 2


Taco Bell came to Madison + Vine for strategy and creative ideation to help grow their last untapped social platform: YouTube. They sought to create a weekly YouTube series that reminded fans of what they love about the brand – spontaneity known as Liv Mas.


Utilizing our ThinkTank of young filmmakers, writers and artists we presented more than a dozen show ideas and Taco Tales was selected as the first one to go into production. “Taco Tales” tells one Taco Bell fan story per episode, as reenacted by a cast of top comedy actors.

Following distribution, Taco Bell saw an immediate uptick in positive sentiment and audience retention. Fans loved “Taco Tales” so much, they began to tune in every week and even started submitting their own stories in hopes of joining the movement. “Taco Tales” received coverage in publications like AdAge and The Drum and was renewed for a second season.

Watch seasons 1 and 2 below:


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